Zoom integration

Simply click on the "Add Zoom meeting" link during an interview scheduling process. We will automatically create a Zoom Meeting URL and add a link to it into email invites to a candidate and interviewers.

To try the integration: 

  • Go to Candidates and click on any candidate (or open any candidate's profile from any other page),

  • Go to the "Interviews" tab,

  • Choose the "Simple interview" button,

  • Click on the "Add Zoom meeting" button,

  • We will generate a Zoom Meeting URL,

  • Click "Save and send invites" to preview an interviewer's invite,

  • On the "Interviews" tab click "Invite" to preview a candidate's invite.

Uninstalling Zoom integration

  1. Go to Settings / Integrations
  2. Navigate the Zoom section and hit the Disconnect button

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